Harness your Cycle

The word harness means to use something well because you understand it. Without the female menstrual cycle, there would be no human life on earth. We can use our understanding of the menstrual cycle to be aware of and take care of our bodies every day of the month.

Harness Your Cycle

During the menstrual cycle, which includes ovulation, the building of the uterine lining , and menstruation, some other changes that might happen in the body at around the same time every month include: changes in body temperature, bigger or sore breasts, headaches, stomach cramps, tiredness, changes in moods and emotions and even a faster or slower heart rate.


The menstrual cycle gives girls and women the opportunity to get to know their body better every month. Everybody experiences their menstrual cycle in a way that is unique to them. When girls and women know how their bodies react at different times of their menstrual cycle, they will know what is normal for them.

Calendar showing the various stages of the menstrual cycle

child pose menstrual stretching excercise

Child pose

When: At any time in menstrual cycle

Benefits: Start with this pose before doing other exercises. It relaxes the body, and helps to relieve menstrual pain.

Just Breathe

If you experience physical or emotional discomfort during your menstrual cycle, regular stretching exercises can help your body to relax. At the end of your period, stretching also helps your body to clean out the last parts of the falling away uterine lining. Stretching exercises also remind us to just breathe, which then makes our bodies more relaxed.


We will be regularly updating this section of the site to give young women ideas on how to be more aware of your bodies during your menstrual cycle. For instance, we will introduce breathing and stretching exercises for different stages of the cycle. We will also introduce fun lessons like how girls can align their cycle to the different phases of the moon as it becomes big and then small again during its own cycle of 28 days.

cobra menstrual stretching excercise


When: Any time when not menstruating

Benefits: Good for flexibility and making chest area strong.

Downward dog menstrual stretching excercise

Downward-facing dog:

When: At any time in menstrual cycle

Benefits: This pose restores energy, rests the heart, increases blood flow around breasts and stomach, relaxes the body.


The start of menstruation is something that should make us proud. It shows us that our bodies are working well. Some cultures have a celebration when a girl starts her period. We will be updating this website with stories and pictures on how different communities celebrate this important transition in the life of a girl.

Koree celebrating with women from around the world