Purchase: the Ergonomic Menstrual Hygiene Device

A patent-protected, reusable, ergonomic  (innovative shape for urinary tract complications; fistula tears; and other female pubic area discharges), externally worn menstrual hygiene device. Each kit contains 1 silicon shell, 5 washable and reusable pads and a washable silicon case and retails for £9.50.  One Koree Kit can last for up to 3 years!

If you are interested in purchasing Koree Kits from outside of the UK, please get in touch here for a welcome pack and pricing list.





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Donate to Kalitasha

Donations to Kalitasha will directly provide young women with the dignity they deserve through our menstrual hygiene and education products. For example, just £95 will provide 10 young women with Koree Kits that will last up to 3 years.